Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jigsaw puzzling - again

As I've raved here before, I love jigsaw puzzles. When I was a kid we always used to do them, and later I've learned to love that meditative state when I need to totally concentrate on the pieces and find their places in the canvas. It's hard to find proper jigsaz puzzles, though, since I really need to like the picture before I buy the puzzle. I don't like animals or drawed / painted / cartoon puzzles. Sceneries need to have big areas of sky or other challenging details and nice colours and I concentrate on the puzzles that are 2000 pieces or more. (If the picture is really nice, I might do a 1000 piece, too, but then it needs to be something really special, like the space shuttle cabin puzzle I found a couple of months ago.)

Some people ask me what I do with the finished puzzles and if I'll hang them on my wall. I would never do that. Nothing is worse than a dusty old puzzle, glued together, with a couple of lower pieces already fallen off. And why would I glue my puzzles together anyway? I only buy puzzles that I really like, so I'm sure there'll be the time when I want to reassemble them. So after finishing, I'll just wait few days, take them apart and put them into their box again. Hmm, sometimes after I've played a bit. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Harold Lloyd

One of the good things in living in Weimar is that Richard Siedhoff is living there, too. He is a local silent film pianist and organises often film experiences, where he plays the piano for the soundtrack. I especially love the silent comedies of Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, but they are very seldom showed in any movie theater.

My first memories of Harold Lloyd are from the mid-80s. My uncle had taped the Time-Life series of Lloyd's comedies on VHSs and we always watched them while visiting him. I still remember well the funny narrator and breath-taking scenes of running, climbing, chasing, etc. etc. I loved those video cassettes, but unfortunately my uncle lost them when he moved to another place. They are not available anywhere, especially not with the Finnish narrator voice. :(

Still, I jumped to the chance to see Harold Lloyd film in a movie theater, so of course I was there, when Siedhoff played "The Kid Brother" last Sunday. It was awesome. Before, I also saw Buster Keaton's short films in the same way played by him. Such a nice experience, especially since the films are not digitalised, meaning that the experience is perfect with the sounds of the analogue projector humming in the background. Absolutely lovely. (I also changed my handy ringtone into the "Hooray for Harold Lloyd" version of the intro from those Time-Life series. Now I always need to smile when it rings.)

Harold Lloyd in 'The Kid Brother'