Wednesday, March 16, 2016

An Odyssey

I managed to finish my Master's thesis, had already my defense and passed. In a couple of weeks I'll get the papers with the title "Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)". I haven't had the time to think how I feel yet, two years have gone by so fast. But then again, I've changed place so often that I'm not quite sure if I will "feel" anything, it's just another watershed in the long row of them and I've learned to move on when the time comes. Right now I'm just astonished of all the cool ideas I have about new animations and the things I still can learn. Awesome.

But here's the animation I did in full. And here is the theory part for the thesis. I got 1.0 as the grade from them all: artistic work, theoretical part and the presentation.

An Odyssey from West468 on Vimeo.